First Ever Sex Doll Brothel Shut Down After One Month (Photos)

It has started, a brothel with sex dolls. You thought it wasn’t going to happen in your lifetime, well now it has.

The LumiDolls brothel opened to much hype in Barcelona, Spain. After just a month of operations, the operation has been cut short. It was running on a £70-per-hour deal but unfortunately cut short after the police probe was initiated over it, reports David Trayner, Daily Star.

Which was quite confusing because the police weren’t sure if the a whorehouse with sexdolls are lawful or not. Arriving at the venue where the whorehouse was located, they were met with a closed door.

The whorehouse had been moved. Apparently, the landlord after realizing what the space was being used for, decided to cancel their lease. The owners of the LumiDolls are not backing down the sexdoll whore business takeover.

The dolls have been moved elsewhere to a place only the paying customers know.
The Dolls were revealed to be four of a kind, European Leiza, Asian Lily and Japanese anime character Aki, the dolls all have different body types and breast sizes.

They come with three different orifices such as oral, vagina and anal, they’re very flexible for any position required. These brothels are already available at Japan and China, and looking towards Europe for expansion.

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