Happy Birthday Hazel Ziyachat King

Hazel Ziyachat King

Since I woke up, I knew that this day would be different and like no other. As I walked down the street I was thinking about what it
was that was different, and I could not think of anything that made sense, after all, we are not February 14 nor December 25, but the date kept ringing a bell in my head, but I did not know why. Finally, I found out what it was, it is your birthday! I want you to have a blast and to get all the good things that you deserve.

It may be that many people think of birthdays as another day of the year, but for me, they are much more than that, especially if it is the special day of one of my buddy. I am dedicating these lines to you Hazel Ziyachat King so you know how important you are to me, because I have never met someone as good as you, so willing to give your unconditional friendship, love, smile, advice and so much more, although I am not very good in giving back same. I love you and I hope that you have a great one”


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