Jos Industry Chapter One (The Voice)

It is another blessed day..! Am not gonna bore you much. Its about that time we look into industry as a whole, so we are here with the music goons dem, top shotas. Feel free to drop your comments.

Yo Lypsi

your new single “Taya” shows you have been puttin work, the sound carries much weight, develop more and your idols will become rivals in a short time.

Download: Lypsi Taya

I.N.Z rapper number one (in M.I voice).

With ma little knowledge of hip-hop through my huge love for BIG and 2pac I must confess non do it badder in when it comes to real hiphop, your word play non can compete (disagree? Prove me) your skills and fusion shows you truly have mastered your craft, as a rapper pride is a must but know your limit.
Download: I.N.Z – 3:16

The King of Sounds,

the title is his for now, unless you have an album better than his, his game is tight even tho it needs more, yap a king has a huge responsibility and plenty plenty work on a steady to keep his throne.
Download: Promphizy – Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Freezelinking Freezelinkz

indigenous rapper with sugar and honey in his punchlines and delivery, his lane non can run it better.

Download: FreezeLinks – Da Ni Da Gayu Na

Vicky Brown,

aunty Brown Brown the only lady who came and shut them legendary Joleeta, Priceless and co, sent them back to class and showed them how it is done. But something is off, yap I think Vicki is Kinda losing her grips, sister you need to re-visit your old self, there is more of you down there.

Download: Vicky Brown – Fronting

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Kay Khalie

they said you are a wack rapper, but atleast your genre is rap unlike confuse Nurella. Yap you need to upgrade your skills unless you are done with music. I am a huge fan please don’t let us down, give us something to defend you with.

Download: Kay Khalie – From The Bottom

Shadez my man,

Jtown number one critic, this dude can make you commit suicide if you are not strong. His type is what we need if you really want to upgrade and move forward. He calls a spade a spade regardless. If you truly understand him you will realize that he only want you to develop more and succeed.

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  1. Shadez only criticize Ladies
    he’s scared of criticizing niggas
    that night is a bitch ass nigga
    tell him to start facing men like him so we know he’s got the ballz

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