Twin Sisters Give’s Birth To Bouncing Baby Boys On The Same Day

Fraternal twin sisters coincidentally give birth to baby boys on the same day

The twins also reportedly missed their identical due dates for delivery

They claim their pregnancies and deliveries were totally coincidental
It’s joy and celebration as fraternal 32-year-old twin sisters from Toms River, New Jersey, give birth to bouncing baby boys on the same day after they missed their identical due dates.

Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant reportedly gave birth to Aaron and Roman on 28th April 2017 after their due dates of April 22 had passed.

“We always said we wished it would happen while growing up, to raise our kids together and grow up together. But we didn’t think the actual same day would happen,” says Grant, who already had another child.

The two moms were reportedly texting and ‘face timing’ each other from their hospital beds. Little did they know that their childhood dream was about to come true.

They claim their pregnancies and subsequent deliveries were completely coincidental. Nothing was planned in prior. It just happened.
“Perhaps the only thing that was consciously chosen was the date we decided to get induced after both of us missed our due date,” they say.

The sisters have reportedly been very close to each other. Their husbands also treat each other like brothers. They now hope that their sons will be like brothers too.

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