Sabipeepz Face Of The Week: Palang Peter (Pee Palpee)

Sabipeepz Face Of The Week.

Real name “Palang Peter” a student of Criminology in University of Jos. Palang is a certified 20 year old Jos lady by birth from a loving and wonderful family.

Fast forward from her early young age, life is a constant journey mixed with good and bad days, sunny and rainy, lonely and full of company which paved way for Palang on her journey through life. Palang is like every hard-working beautiful black woman out there only different in terms of goals, ambitions and determination.

A minute spent with this lovely lady is a memory or rather a history worth celebrating every single day.

In her words “God first, Family n Friends” time is precious don’t waste it.

Check her out on : @pee_palpee

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