8 Sex Experience Everyone Should Try

These experiences are quite interesting and different in their own ways. You should have them in your bucket list if you don’t already.

There was a time that people, particularly Nigerians back in the 70’s or 80’s had a saying that goes like this, “See Paris and die.” Quite a dramatic sentence, it was just about a boisterous and beautiful city that had people mesmerized, and because of that they were told everyone they knew when they got back from their trip that line.

They were so impressed about what they saw, take that and bring into . There are some experience that you need to do before you die, it’s also dramatic to say die but you get the point. These experiences are quite different from each other because of the emotions involved. According toTed Spiker, Men’s Health, here are some of the experiences you should never miss.

1. Wedding night
For certain reasons, the on the wedding night feels good, because it’s like the first legal you’re having since you both exchanged rings earlier in the day. The satisfaction can be quite intense. Whether you went on your honeymoon 12 years ago, or don’t plan on going on one for another 12 years, you can create the wedding-night vibe by triggering your reward system, says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., an anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of The First .

It’s possible to create these feelings once again. What happens when these reward system kicks in is that it sends feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and ephinephrine. These chemicals are the ones that your body pumps out that makes you super excited on your wedding day.
You can try to remake how the that night went down, also he can kiss places on your body he doesn’t kiss so much.

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2. Babe, I’m home!
You know how this goes, after a day at work, you enter into the house knowing your partner is in, and you announce your arrival and then boom! happens, it is spontaneous and sweet. It could be back from a trip or anything.
“You usually find that this is the most romantic , because it starts out with long, luscious kisses that really get the juices flowing,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a California ologist and author of Stock Market Orgasm.

You can still make these happen by making him kiss your face all over softly, then licking your lips before kissing your lower lips. “There’s a correlation between a woman’s bottom lip and her vagina,” Cadell says. “Sucking gently on her lip will make her vagina swell.”

3. Make-up
The truth is some couples fight because of make-up , weird isn’t it? But it happens for sure. During a fight, anger stirs up testeosterone in male and female body which can be put to judicious use in bed.
“When you fight, anger drives up testosterone in both men and women,” Fisher says. “If you go to bed with increased testosterone and agitation, the drive is going to be stronger.”
You can reenact fighting—and the emotions that go along with it—without hurting each other, Cadell says.

It might also help to find something that can cause little physical tension that can lead to struggle. “You can do anything that’s just a little competitive,” says Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical ologist and author in Atlanta.
You can also try naked wrestling! LOL

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4. Break up
Which can also be loosely called one for the road. This is perhaps the last time you guys will have so you want things to end on an orgasmic night, pardon the pun, which sometimes works because it’s really the best you’ve had in a long while.

And your body agrees with you big time, “So you both end up concentrating on being uninhibited.” Says Cadell. You can begin with soft massage of the earlobes, hands, and lower back, those subtle erotic spots. Brame says, “This area is a nerve center with connections all over, so rubbing her lower spine could make her feel tingly in front.”

5. Birthday
If you’re gonna have good , why not on the day you’re born right? You’ve been getting a lot of attention that day, how about some orgasms thrown into that mix. Because it’s your birthday, it should be about you.

During a birthday bang, it’s clear who’s doing the giving and who’s doing the receiving—which means there’s no pressure for the receiver to reciprocate, says Cadell.
To spice it up, you both can go somewhere special and ask him not to wear any underwear, after the interesting night out, when you get back home, straddle him with your waist tilted then rub over him in such a way that your clitoris rubs against his pelvic. You’ll feel some incredible sensation that night.

6. Like the first time
First time are mostly good because of the discovery factor, you’re both finding out about eachother’s bodies and likes.
Having with someone for the first time is exciting because of the discovery factor, says Louanne Cole Weston, Ph.D., a licensed marriage and family therapist in California. “You’re really tuned in to every sense, and you’re feeling things for the first time.”To rediscover the first time feeling, it’s mostly psychological, playing with the senses. “When you take away one of the senses, the others work overtime,” says Cadell.

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7. Vacation
The thought of having in a place that isn’t your home is quite intriguing and interesting to some people, so if you’re on vacation, the scenery alone can make it even better than the usual one. Weston says. “ on vacation is a virginal experience in a way.”

“Even doing something simple like hitting the bed at a different angle or sitting or standing up on the bed will add extra stimulation,” Weston says.

8. Baby making
Having for fun is quite different from for procreation. For so long you’ve avoided pregnancy, but now you’re ready to be a parent,” Weston says, “Saying you want to have a baby with someone is very romantic.”

“If something has special meaning to you both, bring it to the bedroom because it creates a special connection between the two of you,” Brame says.

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