How To Deal With Being Single And Feeling Lonely

You’re definitely not alone if you’re sick of being single and . It would be nice to have a boyfriend sometime soon so you can finally stop going on the first date after the first date.

Unfortunately, you can’t make someone appear out of thin air. And if you want to find , you have to keep going on dates, no matter how much it sucks sometimes.
But that doesn’t mean you have to feel miserable in the process. There’s no reason to hate your life just because you don’t have a boyfriend.

There are tons of women out there who are in the same solo boat as you. The only difference is their attitude toward their status. Read on to find out how to cope with being single.

1. Grab drinks with your best friend

What’s better than wine, girl talk, and gossip? Absolutely nothing. Your BFF can cheer you up like no one else. She’s known you for a super long time, she’s seen you when you’re sobbing and when you’re laughing hysterically, and she wants to be there for you.
You should let her do her job. After all, you would totally do the same thing for her. Chances are that you’ll feel better even just making the plan.
Sometimes taking a small step like texting your BFF to meet you at your favorite bar this Saturday night can help you cope with being single.
She’ll give up the pep talk that you need and you’ll go home feeling ready to try again.

2. Text a long lost friend
You know the one. Your old college roomie who you swore you would stay in touch with… then, naturally, you guys lost touch. Your high school bestie who lives in another state. Your old friend that you stopped talking to for no reason at all (well, besides the fact that life gets busy).
Surrounding yourself with good people is one way to stop focusing on your lack of a boyfriend. And getting back in touch with someone that you haven’t talked to in forever is a great way to cope with being single.
The worst thing you can do right now is to sit at home by yourself thinking about how single you are. The best thing you can do is to be social.

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3. Give yourself advice
Sure, you know that finding takes time… or at least you should since most people in your life definitely tell you this often enough. You would totally give your best friend that advice, right?
You would tell that just because she’s on her own right now doesn’t mean that it is going to be the case in a few months or even a year from now. The difference between being negative and having some faith is all up to you.
Give yourself some good advice and remember that you’re not going to find your person today, tomorrow, or even next week. But that’s okay.
Finding isn’t a race. And you’re never going to learn how to cope with being single if you pressure yourself.

4. Enjoy the process of learning how to cope with being single
There’s always something to be positive about, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Maybe you want to remember that magical first kiss with your last boyfriend.
Or maybe you want to think about the handful of first dates you’ve gone on in the past few months that were fun, even if things didn’t work out with those guys.
You might as well see the good even though you’re having a rough time right now. No matter what you’re facing, whether it’s a personal or romantic or work-related issue, staying positive is pretty much always the answer.

5. Go for a career goal
When in doubt, work hard. That should totally be your single girl motto. It’s no secret that throwing yourself into your job can bring you tons of satisfaction when your life is dead, and it’s always a good way to cheer yourself up.
Plus there’s the fact that hard work is pretty much the greatest distraction ever.
Remind yourself of how totally awesome you are and kick some butt at the office. If you’re wondering how to cope with being single, this one should definitely be on your list.
Plus if you further your career in the process, isn’t that just a bonus?

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6. Be thankful
You have a pretty amazing life, right? You have people that you. You have a cool job. You have everything… well, except for a boyfriend. But that’s okay.
When you feel like is just the worst thing ever, remember to appreciate your life. You really will start to feel better ASAP.
Think about all the good things that you have and remember that no one has a perfect life. Yes, even girls in serious s have problems and issues.

7. Cut out stress
As you definitely know, is pretty stressful. You have a million things running through your mind on a first date and then there’s the whole issue with whether he’s going to send you a text after asking you out a second time.
You don’t need to add things to your to-do list that you have no time for. If you really want to know how to cope with being single, then you have to cut out any stress that you can.
Now is not the time to be a hero. Now is the time to take care of yourself!

8. Try something new

There must be something that you’ve always wanted to try. It could be a workout, a new skill, a new experience.
Sure, this might be a way to distract yourself from your single status and fill up your time. But you might just discover a hobby or interest that adds a lot to your life.
And the happier and more fulfilled you are, the better you will be able to see that being single is no big deal. Because it’s really not.

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9. Plan a trip
Why not get out of your rut… and your city, too? Plan a trip, even if it’s just a quick weekend getaway, and you’ll have something to focus on besides your last bad date (or your lack of dates if that’s what’s going on).
As long as you don’t focus on traveling so much that you’re never home long enough to go on dates and try to meet someone, there’s nothing wrong with taking a time-out from every once in a while.

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