Sex Positions: 3 Most Popular Among Young People

Positions: 3 Most Popular Among Young People

Young people tend to experiment a lot, they are usually in the phase of wanting to feel what almost everything feels like, to determine if it’s something they want to keep indulging in.

In this experimental spirit, several discoveries are made that sometimes creates life-long trusted choices. For young people, is just one of those things they need to try out for themselves, and make their own decisions. A survey was recently carried out by SKYN Condoms, where over 3,000 men and women between 18 and 34 years old were quizzed about their lives.
About their favorite positions, they weren’t different from the rest of us, the choices included Missionary, cowgirl and doggy style, reports Alisa Hrustic for Men’s .

It’s not surprising in the least possible way, because these positions were also voted for when Women’s polled readers last year. These positions were the ones as the positions that frequently brings women to orgasm the most.

1. Missionary position

World’s most popular position earns the top spot, because of the nature of the intimacy involved. It allows for the soft canoodling rs may require during . Also, it gives the man the firm control over the proceedings, he can dictate pace as much as he wants, this positions puts him in charge, the friction in the pelvis also can indirectly stimulate the clitoris which a lot of women need in achieving orgasm.

2. Cowgirl position

Cowgirl is like looking at your surrounding from pent house of a 20-storey building except here, you’re on the ground floor but the view is just as fantastic. This position takes the control away from the man and hands it over to the woman, she controls, pace and how deep the thrusts go. While you watch the spectacle unfolding just over your crotch, the guy can use his hands to better use, caressing the or spanking the ass.

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3. Doggy style position

If missionary style is the most popular then the doggy style is the most famous. From porn movies to the mouths of your partners. This position relinquishes the control to the man, perfectly positioned behind her, he can determine how much of his junk enters, the speed. This position is obviously a crowd favorite.

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