Domestic Abuse: how her boyfriend made her quit her job and run naked on the street

Domestic Abuse: how her boyfriend made her quit her job and run naked on the street 2

A woman who moved in with her boyfriend suddenly became the victim of terrible domestic abuse

Her boyfriend would often resort to violence, question her about her previous s, strap her to lie detectors and even make her run around the street naked!

However in the end it was he who broke up with her because he grew sick of her and wanted to move on

Alice soon found herself a victim of domestic abuse right after moving in with her boyfriend

The woman identified as Alice Keale, did not suspect that she would be terrorized by her boyfriend when he invited her to move in and live in his house. She noted that their was moving “crazy fast” and that she felt comfortable with her new partner, but just weeks after they started living together, it seemed that her new boyfriend became an absolutely different man.

The boyfriend was a changed man: he was violent, abusive and despotic. He forced her to quit her job and constantly interrogated her about her previous s and sexual experiences. He prohibited her from meeting family and friends and using the internet.

His obsession became so strong that he would make her run naked around the streets and confess her to him. Alice would also find herself strapped to a lie detector where she would answer his questions.

Alice said:

“The amount of nights I had to run naked or in my underwear around the streets or around the house. He would threaten to cut himself. He would get knives from the kitchen and put them under the duvet and pretend to be stabbing himself. I wanted to help him, but it was just another form of control.”

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However in the end it was Joe that decided to break up. He told Alice that she made him ill and that he wants to move on.
Alice said:”I felt anger and upset. But it could have been far worse.”

In the end it was the boyfriend that broke up with Alice because he grew tired and sick of her

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