Ycee beef’s Vector on new track

Ycee beef's Vector on new track 1

The purported enmity between both talented emcees was reported to have started as a result of Ycee’s write-up dissing Vector for forcing punchlines on the song ‘King Kong’.”Yemi Alade was looking for Johnny because Walker had to walk”,the line in the song goes. This saw Ycee say “Lmao, WTF is that? Punchline no be by force!”

But Vector, who was well-placed as the offended artiste was bigger than that, he missed the beef, and moved on to continue the march in his career.

Many will call him weak for such a move. Others will praise him as mature. But the truth is, such a beef isn’t truly healthy for business.

Vector has always sold himself as a role model, one who the young kids who want to do rap music would study and gather inspiration. Beef sends the wrong signals, and demystifies him.

And for business purposes, we can’t have open beef get in the way of making money. The music industry is an extremely small place, with a few players controlling all the resources. An open beef between Vector and Ycee means they will always have to operate in the same circles, use the same producer, and chase the same clients.

When it all comes down to it, there would be a conscious decision by investors and more to engage one or the other, splitting their money when they can work together and collectively fly. A Vector and Ycee beef wouldn’t have advanced Hip-hop in any way, or pushed the culture forward.

Globally, music has moved past its war paths, and ushered itself into an era of progress, inclusion and collaboration. We now see artistes preaching the gospel of peace as a prerequisite for progress and how much the art can heal and strengthen. It would be a shame to be backwards in Nigeria, and not lead by example.

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And although the devil in all of us would rather have a good show of fight on, for the greater good, we need peace not war in the art.

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