7 things guy secretly hate about sex (No 4 is common)

7 things guy secretly hate about sex (No 4 is common)

We dont always hate , we but there are some things about it that cannot stand. We hope you understand

I know ladies think that it’s highly unlikely that men would hate since it benefits us so much. I mean the men clan have always be called all sorts and how they cannot control their ual urge which then makes this quite curious to what men secretly hate about .

Here are some things that we always have second thoughts about, as compiled by David Covucci,Cosmopolitan

1. Boners aren’t just that easy to get
As you may or may not know, its not easy to hold an erection still for longer period if no action will happen imminently. Say for instance, in the process of getting that leggings off her, and the material is very stubborn, an erection can be lost in the process, and if you like to play around a lot, talk in between smooch sessions, this will be a traumatic experience for the dick, getting hard, soft then hard again. It certainly takes a toll on the dick.

2. Peeing with an erection is quite difficult
I know this is probably none of your business as a lady but it can be insanely hard to pee with an erection. A hard dick requires more attention in peeing than a flaccid dick (soft dick). For instance, It can be difficult to pee because the bladder locks up once the penis is hard and ready for ejaculation, it really hurts also when the dick is hard, effort is needed to point it in the right direction during a pee.

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3. The right time to penetrate
After a couple of minutes of making out, we feel it might be time to make the proper introduction of the dick to the . Most of the time, we can be right about the time especially after using the fingers to test how wet the terrain is. The other times when we don’t get it right can be annoying and forgettable experience.

4. It’s not easy to hold cum
Some time it might, there might be a medical discovery that will allow men hold their cum when their orgasm is close but not right now. The best you can do is to allow your mind drift or use a cock ring. Once a guy is turned on and close to orgasm, it can be extremely difficult due to the rush, but once the rush passes, it’s good.

5. Sometimes, it’s not that great
This might be our fault directly or indirectly. Not only ladies get disappointed in bed, we also get disappointed. It might be due to our excessive consumption of pornography, we’ve seen a lot and want to try them all out. As ambitious as we can be, we might end up disappointing ourselves because of the techniques we want to do, and eventually disappoint ourselves.

6. We are expected to come
Depending on several situations, we might not be able come quickly. One of those situations can be we jacked off way too much before you arrived because we don’t want to be a one minute man, hence, it might be very difficult to come. Which is why men also fake orgasms at times.

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7. Men aren’t allowed to complain
This might sound like its not genuine, but after , men are not supposed to complain no matter how bad the is, they should just be happy that someone even allowed them to have which is a load of crap.

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