Ladies Things You Shouldn’t Say About Yourself On First Dates

It is understandable that there’ll be few moments of awkwardness on a first date.
There’s a strong possibility of weird silences that hang between you and your date partner whom you are seeing for the first time.

Naturally, you’ll want to fill those empty moments with something funny, or some information to keep the conversation going.
When you choose to talk, here are the things you need to stop saying about yourself.
1. I’m very picky
This pretty much sounds like,“I am too big for you; you can’t be my guy.”

2. I hate men
Don’t say that. Don’t even say any of its variant – for example,“men are scum”is not something you want to be saying to a guy’s face on a first date.

3. I hope you like crazy girls
Most likely, what you mean is that you are a little weird.
So use weird or unusual instead of outrightly making yourself sound like a tyre-slashing, phone-bashing, red-eyed angry woman.

4. I don’t want to be single anymore
You’ll sound too desperate. And that’ll be too much pressure on the guy.

5. I’m an absolute wife material
Guys like to find that out by themselves. Thanks, but no thanks for that info.

6. I need intelligent guys
Might be taken as an affront on his smartness. You don’t want you words, misconstrued, yeah?

7. I’m different
Again, he’d most likely want to discover that by himself. So, let him see how different you are, don’t tell him.

8. Too many men like me for my looks
Now you’ve made a guy feel like he isn’t allowed to say one thing about the way you look.

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9. I can’t handle one more heartbreak
Yes, you can’t. But you are not even sure he wants to ask you to another date, let alone ask you to be his girlfriend.

Remember, first dates are usually nothing but dates and just as you find in life generally, there are no guarantees when going on dates.

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