Read Here: A Guy Is Never An Olosho?

(On ma 3rd cup of tea)

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If a guy bangs, screw (howeva u call it) a couple of ladies I heard he is a champion (but bro where ur belt at?) A guy is neva an olosho ryt? Infact the popular saying is a key that opens any padlock is called a master key while the lock is seen as useless, well in reality is true, let’s compare a guy that has been using his master key for a couple of five years with a lady that her lock has been cracked open for just two years, the difference is crystal clear, aside the fact that (well for some) you can put my big head in their uhmm va-jayjay without stress, you will swear that Julius Berger was awarded a contract the way their (*coughs*) infact I once saw one that reached her knees (ok I lie small), thats reality here. Men over rate their self too much, could it be because some or most appear so desperate for (if luv exist) for money, flashy things, revenge, exotic trips, gold? (me sef I dey plan get some gold slug).

That’s how this guy the other day begged this sisi for weeks o, finally she gave him the honey pot, hours later he tagged her as a cheap (slay mama).

But I cannot come and go and be sharing blame, that’s how the society works they said, are always the prey (even tho some of them Evil pass o). * Deserve More*

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