Relationship Tips: All Ladies Love This Simple Thing Men Are Ignoring

Relationship Tips: All Ladies Love This Simple Thing Men Are Ignoring

She is probably keeping scores of you in your total evaluation. If you learn this trick, you’re going to the top. Keep reading!

Not the superhero superman per say, I mean you would have to be born on another planet then brought here when that planet explodes, you know the superman back story, in case you don’t, its quite interesting, go to Google.

This is 2017, its time for you to become the superman that your partner hopes you’ll become in the bedroom, you’re burning daylight, time to kick into the next gear this year. I know we’ve wrote about different things that you can do to become a better man. However, we haven’t brought this to you yet, I think.

We probably have hinted it, this article is here to deal with the whole thing. Do you know of a little something called, afterplay?

It is the opposite number of foreplay, which is what led to the in the first place unless you’re the unromantic who has no regard for getting a woman ready as you that you shove your tool greased with lube into her.

Afterplay is what happens immediately after , the part of a lot of people ignore. Guys usually don’t like to stay for that, we just want to be done with it, head for the shower, or just roll over and go to sleep.
It is that time where the nice cuddles and the little kisses come out, while you talk about how good the was, the time when you’re trying to catch your breath.

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Regardless of how you must have blown her mind in foreplay and , this last one is important. Women it a lot, and science backs this up.

If you feel you’re too good to participate in afterplay, its your loss because it has the potential to transform your bedroom life.

According to researcher from the University of Kansas, it was discovered that women enjoy afterplay as much as foreplay, and here is the real shocker, women find foreplay and afterplay more enjoyable than penetration .

They also blessed us with more knowledge that if they enjoyed the foreplay and afterplay, they are even more inclined to give back even more “cheerfully”. You’re free to define this to what you want like sucking your tool like lollipop or riding you out of your mind, feel free to define it for yourself.

The bonus advantage of doing afterplay is that she likes you more and will be open to having more with you, which is kind of the goal, isn’t it?

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