What Exactly Is A Beautiful D!ck?

The definition varies to different people, it can be because of the length, thickness or the color of the penis. Scientists asked people.

I’m sure you’re like who cares? As far as it doesn’t look weird, or the multi-colored like a diseased organ. To be honest, some dicks are better looking than others. Pornstars especially have to make sure theirs look good for the camera.

While inquisitive people at the Journal of ual Medicine carried out a study on “What is a handsome pecker”. Different questions were asked like what makes a penis, how you measure the good-looking nature of a penis. Is it the length, color or bulkiness? As reported by Danielle de la Bastide, Loaded.

Swiss researchers conducted a poll on this, they asked 105 women (aged between 16 and 45) to give a list of attributes they like in a penis. They were eight characters listed according Health magazine.

In all of the eight attributes, only three stood out as the most important, and it wasn’t about size. We can fairly say that size doesn’t matter as far as it isn’t a micro-penis. What was discovered was that a good-looking dick should have a good – “general, cosmetic appearance”, it can have nice patch of hair.

Ideally, every woman has her own preference as to a penis, some might like it long and thin or small and thick. While some women like it without hair around, other prefer some kind of hair around it.

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