You Are My Favorite Distraction And I Love It

You Are My Favorite Distraction And I It

I the way my mind dances with thoughts of you, imagining the curve of your lips, the slight smirk of your smile. My heart skips to a faster beat, keeping time with your step.

We waltz around my old memories,
and you spin me through the scenes where it hurts until I throw my head back and laugh. We fall into rhythm and I find myself wanting every part of you. I find myself wanting to open you, touch you tenderly, rest my head on your shoulder, stop
time as we sway in circles.

But sometimes I try to forget—
the feeling of your hand on the small of my back, our feet and hearts and hands in one
motion. I try to distract my mind with other steps, other songs because I don’t ever want to lose the spark when our hands first touch.

I try to hum in the shower, play the radio full blast, drown in all the sounds that aren’t you but I can’t. Because when I close my eyes you’re all I hear and my body moves unconsciously, beautifully distracted,
dancing with the thought of you again.

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